Drawing inspiration from the long defunct Deadgoat Saloon in Salk Lake City, Pat Doyle and Tim Brezsnyak founded the Deadgoat cycling club in 1995. Over the past 20 years, the Deadgoats have been riding and racing both at home in Calgary, Alberta and around the globe.


Founded in 1995 by Pat Doyle and Tim Brezsnyak, the Deadgoat riding club and race team was inspired from the long defunct Deadgoat Saloon in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our club is based out of Calgary, Alberta and races throughout the world.

Our Riding Club

Pick your flavour – Mountain, road, cyclocross, single speeding or commuting. If it’s on two wheels we’re a fan. We want to promote cycling as a fun and exciting sport. The ’Goats are known for their laid-back, friendly and supportive attitude. We encourage all levels of riders to come out, get some exercise and have a good time. Riders who have spent time with us often make lifelong friends on and off the bike. We’re always exploring new terrain and riding old favourites whether it's in and around Calgary or on a road trip near and far to destinations like Moab, Fruita, Fernie, Kamloops, and St. George. Barbeques and socials are always on the go.

Our Race Team

Offering a higher level of competition, our race team gives riders a chance to push themselves even further. The team offers a supportive environment, like minded riders to train with, encouragement and race tips. Our race team is best known for its participation and accomplishments in endurance mountain biking throughout western Canada. The team is a recognized perennial presence at events such as the Breck Epic, Salty Dog, Giver8er, Stony Plain Superhero Challenge, XC8, Bow 80, TransRockies, BC Bike Race, La Ruta de los Conquistadores, 24 Hours of Adrenaline, and other endurance mountain bike events worldwide. Those who are interested in racing should contact us early during the offseason before our race spots are filled. All abilities are welcome – racing is about exploring what you’re capable of achieving moreso than current ability levels.

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